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Chicago Bridge Loan

Chicago Bridge Loan is a short-term loan which bridge the borrowers plan from one real estate transaction to another. The Chicago bridge loan is useful when a borrower only needs financing for a short time frame where a long-term fixed rate loan does not make sense. A Chicago Bridge Loan or a hard money bridge [...]

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Delinquent Real Estate Taxes Loan

Loans for back taxes Loans for delinquent real estate taxes in Chicago are common in this challenging economy.  Unfortunately many real estate investors miss the due dates or simply do not have funds liquid when due. Their actions or inaction's can lead to costly consequences including cash flow issues which inevitably have a trickle down [...]

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Financing foreclosures in Chicago

Financing foreclosures Financing foreclosures can be a challenge in Chicago. Financing real estate foreclosures with purchase money mortgages is not a viable option if the borrower or the property does not qualify. Banks will not finance properties that need major repairs, unless the loan is owner occupied and the borrower qualifies for and FHA 203k [...]

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Loans for back real estate taxes

Loans for back taxes Loans for back taxes are common in this challenging economy, markets and business changes unfortunately many businesses miss the warning signs and over or under react to the changing industry dynamics. Their actions or inaction's can lead to dire consequences for a small to mid size business including cash flow issues [...]

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Commercial Hard Money

Commercial Hard Money Loans Commercial Hard Money Loans California allow real estate investors to borrow against the value of their commercial property or non owner occupied residential property. Commercial hard money loans also known as bridge loans or mezzanine financing are a clever tool, but borrowers must be sure to understand all the potential risks [...]

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Private Lenders

Private Lenders Role in Real Estate Investment Business Private lenders are important in real estate investment business. Why? Well, a couple of years, may have been able to get relatively inexpensive loans from your local bank or savings and loan. But those days are gone as traditional lenders are tightening lending practices and in some [...]

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Chicago Hard Money Lenders

Chicago Hard Money Lenders Generally, Chicago hard money lenders are willing to help those people who have difficulty in purchasing a home of their own. They are composed of individuals or small companies who grant home loans at a higher interest rate compared to other lending institutions. They also require a standardized equity from the [...]

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