Wholesale Brick 4 unit $119,000

SALE PRICE: $119,000 After Repaired Value: $199,000 Estimated Rehab: $10-15,000 FINANCING AVAILABLE Square Footage: 3,100 Great income opportunity, can rent out 4 units. 4 unit with Finished basement/ attic with efficient kitchens and baths. Property has been rehabbed. 8 Beds/ 4 Baths: No Garage, Full Basement and Attic. Across the street from school Financing Available [...]

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Fixer Upper Stars Remodel Historical Home

A Historic Home for a New Family In a new Fixer Upper transformation, Chip and Joanna Gaines help a couple upgrade a 1927 brick Tudor, making it modern and family-friendly while retaining its elements of classic charm. Courtney and Joey Scrivano have a new baby and are looking to move from their modest loft [...]

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Things That Can Increase Your Property Tax Bill

Things That Can Increase Your Property Tax Bill If you are a homeowner in Cook County and bracing yourself for a massive property tax increase this year, you may be asking yourself "how much, and why me?" It’s not uncommon for homes in reassessment districts to have massive property tax increases. You may be asking [...]

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Things To Know About Real Estate Investing

Things To Know About Real Estate Investing 1. Collaborate. Find great team members to help you pull off your overall vision. One person alone can only handle so much (and it limits your education). – Ken McElroy 2. Know your numbers. It is easy to get emotional about a deal, no matter how experienced you [...]

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Rehabbing Houses Top 10 Tips

So you wanna be a rehabber? Before I give you my Top 10 List, I want you to know that I have been an active real estate investor for only two years. I started by visiting Creative Real Estate Online. It has been crucial to my success. I've done mostly wholesaling, short sales, pre-construction sales, [...]

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Three Things That Make A Great Real Estate Investment

If you're looking into real estate investments, you likely want to earn wealth on real estate based on risk you are taking, while minimizing the amount of time you need to spend attending to the property. In order to accomplish this, you need to make some smart choices upfront when buying investment property. Your goal [...]

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10 Lethal real estate investing mistakes

10 Lethal real estate investing mistakes Once the market starts to rebound, investing in real property also becomes a more appealing idea -- either as a career or a great side job. Like any other endeavor, though, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Bankrate spoke with established, full-time real [...]

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Real estate laws on the move

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