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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our loans are closed by third party title companies and you can be paid directly at closing. We make sure all brokers that work with us are secured and communicate with all parties to make certain your commission is paid.

Yes, we prefer to work directly with the borrower and you as a broker at all times. We understood that you are referring the client and if we need to contact a client for whatever reason (i.e. processing, signing loan docs), we will make certain that you are cc’d on any email correspondence with the client to facilitate loan closing.

Simple. You can either complete our online loan submission or send us a completed loan application or personal financial statement by email or call us directly. We find it is best to talk through your loan scenario as we can determine in a matter of minutes if we can help.

Absolutely. We provide written approvals typically within 24 hours and can fund in a matter of days. As a direct lender with immediate access to capital, we are the decision maker and have the ability to move quickly.

Every transaction is different and until we have some facts about the loan (property address, amount requested, loan to value, etc.) we will not be able to provide exact terms. Once we have the loan summary information we need, then we can submit written, clear terms to you to present to your client- typically within 24 hours. Download our Loan Programs here.

We encourage brokers to call us directly or submit a loan summary to get started. Typically all we need is a property address and hard money loan amount request and we can move quickly. As a direct hard money lender, we are able to assess a deal in a matter of hours and provide written terms to you within 24 hours.

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