Commercial Loans

Do you own a commercial property? Or, either your company is losing money or your credit is poor?

You can still obtain a commercial loan from a hard money lender.

Hard money lenders make the riskier commercial loans, the deals the banks won’t touch. As a result, hard money commercial loans are more expensive than bank loans. Where a bank might finance a commercial property at 7.5% and one point, the typical hard money commercial lender will charge in the neighborhood of 11% to 13% and four points. and we are far less expensive than the typical hard money lenders.

Hard money commercial lenders look primarily to the property as their source of repayment. If the borrower doesn’t make his payments, the hard money lender will simply foreclose and sell the collateral; but no one really wants to own your commercial property.

My name is Daniel Wynn and I have owned a hard money commercial mortgage company for 20 years. (If you need less than $2 million, please feel free to contact me about your hard money commercial loan needs.) The typical hard money commercial loan is a short-term loan. One-year hard money loans are common, but you should be able to negotiate a loan term of at least three years in today’s (5/25/17) market. There is a ton of money chasing good hard money deals these days.

Private Capital LLC specializes in FUNDING commercial loans from $100,000 to $2,000,000 which are secured by real estate. We offer the following commercial mortgage types:

  • Commercial Loans to 75% loan to value.
  • Private Loan Cash Out Loans to 70% loan to value.
  • Rehab Loans to 75% loan to value

We also partner with insurance companies to provide loans on investment properties for loan amounts from $2,000,000 to $15,000,000.

Why should work with us on your commercial loans:

SPEED – You can expect a term sheet in 24-48 hours and a commercial loan commitment within one week of submission of a complete loan package.

FLEXIBILITY – In some cases, we will accept recommendations from you on an appraiser you want us to use. We may use them if they meet our guidelines.

PRICING – We offer some of the most aggressive wholesale rates in the industry.

Why should work with us on your commercial loans: