Commercial Bridge Loans

Mortgage bridge loans allow homeowners to borrow against the value of their current home in order to secure the second. Mortgage bridge loans can be a clever tool, but borrowers must be sure to understand all the potential risks involved. Consider the following suggestions to ensure that you are making the most of mortgage bridge [...]

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Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage in Chicago Illinois is a loan made using commercial real estate as collateral to secure repayment. A commercial mortgage is similar to a residential mortgage, except the collateral is a commercial building or other business real estate, not residential property. In addition, commercial mortgages are typically taken on by businesses instead of [...]

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Commercial Loans

Given today's market conditions, the funding of commercial loans has become much more challenging, more of a "lenders market" if you will. Commercial loans carry either fixed or adjustable interest rates, and many charge penalties for prepayment. Most commercial loans are structured with a balloon payment that comes due after five, 10, or 15 years, [...]

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