Chicago 2 unit purchased for $25,000.
In 1986, yes that was what I paid for my 1st 2 unit in the back of the yards neighborhood in Chicago.
It was an estate property and I inherited all the furnishings in the house which I threw out the
2 back doors. The neighbors were all coming buy and taking the dressers and furniture and even the tub. The
tub was the old school cast iron tub on footstels.
I guess all that stuff was pretty valuable!
One mans junk is another persons Treasure!
It would not be the last time I threw out 30 years worth of someones collections…
Here is the Crazy part,,,, I can now buy that property for the same price that I paid 24 years ago!!!!!
Who says real estate never goes down?
Real estate has proven to me to be cyclical as commodities, metals, or the stock market!!!!
My friends,,,can it go any lower?
I do not have a crystal ball, but my guess is we are near the bttom?
What do you think?
Let me know your thoughts?