Purchase Rehab Loans

Purchase Rehab Loans A purchase rehab loan is a great option for buyers or investors who are looking to improve their property immediately upon purchase. Refinance rehab - a refinance rehab loan works similar to a purchase rehab loan but is applicable for existing home or land owners who are looking to improve their current [...]

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Home Rehab Loans

Home rehab loans give you the chance to fix up a home and earn a lot of instant equity in the process. Only a select few are qualified and approved to lend money for the 203(k) program for home rehab loans. So, take a few moments to speak with a lender who specializes in home [...]

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Investor Rehab Loans

Investor rehab loans (also known as hard money loans) are currently filling a need for investor who have an ability to find deals, but have found themselves unable to fund projects with conventional financing. Investor rehab loans are particularly easy to find with a number of competitors but at the same time you should watch [...]

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Rehab Financing

What is rehab financing? Rehab financing bridges the gap and give you cash to fix up the house and make it livable. What property is eligible for rehab financing? Rehab financing is not for all properties. The rehab lenders have special training in rehab financing. Hard money financing can be used for acquisition, short sales, [...]

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Rehab Loans

All types of rehab loans require credit checks, income verification and an appraisal of the home. It may be remembered that rehab loans can be used for both owner-occupied as well as investment properties. Real estate investment backed by rehab loans is a viable alternative for earning a steady stream of assured income, provided you [...]

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Chicago Rehab Loans

The Chicago Rehab Loans group is geered toward real estate investors, rehabbers, remodelers, contractors and anyone or company who is in need of working capital for the purpose of real estate investing. Chicago rehab loans offers chicagorehab money , chicago rehab loans and chicago hard money lenders to help finance the bank foreclosed properties and [...]

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