Can Presidential Candidates’ and Home Prices Predict Who’ll Win?

By Kimberly Hoffman

This year’s presidential hopefuls may all be dreaming of moving into the same digs—you know, the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC—but until that day happens for one lucky winner, plenty are wondering: What are their current homes like? And what correlation, if any, does this have on their White House prospects?

Well, anyway, we’re wondering about this here at®. According to recent reports on these presidential candidates’ property values, their living quarters range from modest (Bernie Sanders) to downright ridiculous (Donald Trump). So, do home prices reflect how they’re doing in the early fall 2015 national polls? To find out, we decided to compare these two numbers side by side—and, of course, pit these pols against one another to see how they stack up.

A few caveats:

Because many of these politicians own more than one home, we tried to focus just on their main digs. Vacation homes, investment properties, and cozy pieds-à-terre didn’t make the cut. And most of these home prices are composite estimates based on available info—including the sale price of similarly sized homes in their neighborhoods, previously reported sales figures, and estimates from Realtors in those regions.


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