Dear Friend,
Almost every business must produce new leads and new clients to survive!
Where do you get your leads?
Networking? Newspapers? Craigslist? Realtors?
Do you have an automated system that brings you fresh new prospects every week? If not, when do you plan on creating a system to bring your business new new leads?
The market has changed dramatically! I used to get all my leads the old school methods I mentioned above until last year.
But last year I started a Video Web Marketing business with a friend called
I knew very little about web marketing and my original website was online for 4 years as a 3 page old brochure that was very dated,did not get found on the web and nobody called for a loan.
That changed dramatically in May 2009 when I updated the website to a blog and added video and new articles each month.The web site now receives over 400+ unique new visitors each month. We also added an apply here section,
frequently asked questions, 800#, resources and programs section.
We now get more loan requests in one month then we used to receive in a year!
The cool thing is that it takes only a couple hours each month to add content and enhance. It also answers a lot of the repetitive questions that I would get everyday and allows me more time to spend closing loans!
If you are interested in learning how you can get your own website that gets top 1st page Google listings for over a dozen keywords that my competition pays Google over $10 per click?
Visit my blog that exposes web marketing and is dedicated to bringing people online to web marketing.
Success Always,