Purchase Rehab Loans

A purchase rehab loan is a great option for buyers or investors who are looking to improve their property immediately upon purchase. Refinance rehab – a refinance rehab loan works similar to a purchase rehab loan but is applicable for existing home or land owners who are looking to improve their current properties. Working with a funding partner or experienced private brokerage firm will allow you to have access to 100% financing purchase rehab loans wherein you don’t have to put a down payment to pay for the purchase price of the property and rehab costs necessary to do the repairs. Purchase rehab loan or rehab construction loan can go as high as 70% or 80% after repaired value. If you are considering improving your property immediately upon purchase, then a purchase rehab loan can be the best option. A purchase rehab loan provides you with the necessary funds you need to purchase your home and the funds to complete your improvement project in one loan. Refinance rehab loans are very similar to purchase rehab loans.