The Four Fundamentals of Successful Investing

The Four Fundamentals of Successful Investing Indeed, many achieve success accidentally. But most investors who profit from investing do so by implementing a strategic technique of investment wizardry that’s certainly not accidental, but one that is earned by mastering the fundamentals of a successful investment plan. Know what investing means Knowledge is key!  You must [...]

Another Recently Funded Deal in Chicago, IL

 4 Unit cash out refi in Chicago, IL for out of state borrower This borrower actually came to us a while ago and for some reason decided not to work with us at first. Then he re-engaged and decided it was good to work with us on this cash out project on his 4 unit [...]

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Non Prime owner occupied loans return to West Coast!

Non Prime Loans Return Owner occupied hard money loans are a specialty in the field of private lending. Private money loans are almost always commercial loans for investment properties, apartments and commercial buildings, etc. Getting a non prime loan for an owner occupied property in Nevada, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah can be harder to find. [...]

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Chicago Bridge Loan

Chicago Bridge Loan is a short-term loan which bridge the borrowers plan from one real estate transaction to another. The Chicago bridge loan is useful when a borrower only needs financing for a short time frame where a long-term fixed rate loan does not make sense. A Chicago Bridge Loan or a hard money bridge [...]

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Delinquent Real Estate Taxes Loan

Loans for back taxes Loans for delinquent real estate taxes in Chicago are common in this challenging economy.  Unfortunately many real estate investors miss the due dates or simply do not have funds liquid when due. Their actions or inaction's can lead to costly consequences including cash flow issues which inevitably have a trickle down [...]

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Chicago Asset Based Lending

Definition of Chicago Asset Based Lending Chicago Asset based lending refers to the type of loan that used assets as collateral. Borrowers don?t have to posses a good credit history because the lenders are more concerned with the collateral. The asset based lending was also called a non recourse loan because it does not take [...]

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