Should You Invest In Chicago Real Estate?

Should You Invest In Chicago Real Estate? If you're planning to buy a rehab home, take your time; prices will go higher but slowly. Investments in single-family rental properties have good potential in the next few years, as do investments in housing developments, especially apartments . Mortgages have low risk because home prices will go [...]

Financing foreclosures in Chicago

Financing foreclosures Financing foreclosures can be a challenge in Chicago. Financing real estate foreclosures with purchase money mortgages is not a viable option if the borrower or the property does not qualify. Banks will not finance properties that need major repairs, unless the loan is owner occupied and the borrower qualifies for and FHA 203k [...]

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Loans for back real estate taxes

Loans for back taxes Loans for back taxes are common in this challenging economy, markets and business changes unfortunately many businesses miss the warning signs and over or under react to the changing industry dynamics. Their actions or inaction's can lead to dire consequences for a small to mid size business including cash flow issues [...]

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Foreclosure Lists Available

Private Lending Groups has been using website for years. They have agreed to allow our clients and visitors a FREE 7 day trial. Real estate investors need a good list to find their foreclosures before they take out a hard money loan. Hard money lenders are lending on good proerties in good areas all [...]

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