About Chicago Rehab Loans

Chicago Rehab Loans is a local private lender for real estate investors that need financing for purchase rehab, cash-out refinance, and long-term rental loans and more!

Our team of equity advisors will help you get the best rate and term and loan you qualify for. Call NOW.

Key Reasons To Choose Us For Your Funding Needs

  • We do funding that is difficult or impossible for banks and conventional lenders because we use our own money.
  • We are QUICK to fund. You can be assured that when we commit to a deal, it gets done and quickly We have closed loans in little as 7 days.
  • We understand foreclosures and construction lending.
  • We are local and committed to our market.
  • There is NO loan committee and NO lengthy application process.



Chicago real estate market shows a rise in prices and home purchase

February 6th, 2018|

Chicago real estate market 2018 The rise in the Chicago real estate market continues to drive the demand in the residential market and multi-family developments. This outcome continues to attract buyers to Chicago’s core neighborhoods. 2017 was a year of uncertainty in many economic and political aspects influencing the real [...]

“I got approved despite my average credit score at a remarkable interest rate. The process was painless and simple even for an old guy like me”

Phil Nortan
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