Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

The key to uber-productive days is to start them off right. Your initial actions lay the foundation for mediocre or extraordinary results. Here’s how 10 insanely successful entrepreneurs crush it from the moment they open their eyes.

1. Make a to-do list the night before.

Work out for an hour on alternating days and jog to the office. At the office, review the to-do list I made the night before. Figure out my priorities and do those first. The day has a way of running away from you, so this makes sure the most important tasks get done.

2. Get energized immediately.

Wake up early and play basketball, which starts my day with endorphins and clarity.  Shower and eat a three-egg breakfast (protein satiates me and fuels my concentration).  Clear my inbox to serve two purposes: Remove any bottlenecks for my team and start the day abreast of any challenges I’ll be facing.  Reflect on what you need to achieve during my commute and face the day.

3. Your personality determines your ideal routine.

Most people have a dominant personality type—Practical, Action, Social or Emotional. Knowing your personality type can determine your best routine. Practical types want a highly structured daily routine. Action people need variety. jog or do jujitsu. Or, read different types of books, not just business ones. Social types need a daily routine built around people.  The Emotional type is sensitive and tends to be more introverted, so their routine should have a lot of quiet time and introspection.

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