Chicago Rehab Hard Money Loans

 Chicago Rehab Hard Money Loans If you’re looking for a way to get funding for a commercial property acquisition or refinance, our team at Chicago Rehab Loans can help. We are reliable hard money lenders with the capability to offer loans from $50,000 to $2,000,000. Quick turn-around times All credit histories accepted No financials required [...]

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Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs The key to uber-productive days is to start them off right. Your initial actions lay the foundation for mediocre or extraordinary results. Here’s how 10 insanely successful entrepreneurs crush it from the moment they open their eyes. 1. Make a to-do list the night before. Work out for an [...]

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Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Tips for Investing in Real Estate If you’re just beginning investing in real estate, you’ll find that there’s a lot to learn. Real estate investing is more complicated than investing in stocks because of the financial, legal, and extensive due diligence requirements involved. That’s why it’s a good idea to give yourself a solid education [...]

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Hot neighborhoods poised to see growth among modest home price forecast

Hot neighborhoods poised to see growth among modest real estate forecast Chicago homeowners have been waiting for real estate values to bounce back and homeowners should now be excited to find neighborhoods are poised to see appreciation. On average, home prices in the Chicago area will climb 6 percent this year. That contrasts with a [...]

Chicago real estate market shows a rise in prices and home purchase

Chicago real estate market 2018 The rise in the Chicago real estate market continues to drive the demand in the residential market and multi-family developments. This outcome continues to attract buyers to Chicago’s core neighborhoods. 2017 was a year of uncertainty in many economic and political aspects influencing the real estate market. On one hand, [...]

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Illinois housing market swings into spring with jump in home sales, prices

Illinois housing market swings into spring with jump in home sales, prices The Illinois housing market had a strong showing in January with home sales climbing 9.6 percent over previous-year levels. The statewide median price surging 10.7 percent higher,according to Illinois REALTORS®. Statewide home sales (including single-family homes and condominiums) in January 2018 totaled 13,274 [...]

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Housing recovery lags other big metro areas

Housing recovery lags other big metro areas Of the nation's ten largest metro areas, Chicago has the smallest share of homes that have recovered to their pre-recession peak values. The culprit: Chicago's slow growth in three inter-connected spheres—jobs, income and population—relative to the other big cities. Just 7.6 percent of the homes in Chicago area [...]

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Market Value And Security For Your Loan

Market Value And Security For Your Loan By Kimberly Hoffman The market value of the Property is critical to your decision to lend your funds or purchase a promissory note because there is a possibility that the only way to recover your investment is through the sale of the Property. Therefore, the market value of [...]

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How To Write A Letter of Explanation

How to write an letter of explanation Mortgage underwriters require a letter of explanation from applicants that have derogatory marks on their credit report. Deed in lieu of foreclosure, collection accounts, late payments as well as other irregular items such as large purchases can affect your credit report.  A letter of explanation to underwriters is [...]

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House Flipping -Beginner’s To Become Your Own Boss

Becoming The Boss By House Flipping The goal of house flipping varies greatly from person to person. However, we see new investors looking to punch out of their day job to take on flipping houses full time. If you want to become your own boss, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in [...]

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