Non Prime Loans Return

Owner occupied hard money loans are a specialty in the field of private lending. Private money loans are almost always commercial loans for investment properties, apartments and commercial buildings, etc. Getting a non prime loan for an owner occupied property in Nevada, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah can be harder to find.

We offer residential owner occupied loans to qualified applicants able to show proof of income. Please contact us for details in funding a owner occupied residential property.
Owner Occupied Non Prime Loans NV, CA, UT, OR.

We are committed to helping families who want to own a home but do not qualify for bank or government loan programs . Borrowers must show ability to repay to make these loans happen, but they are doable. The main reason for even pondering this specific loan again relies on the banks current inability to secure loans for homeowners that are less then perfect. With limited options, homeowners look to non prime loans as a alternative to renting.

As someone inside the industry I encourage residential home owners to look at every alternative before approaching an owner occupied private loan. Ask your family, friends, whatever you can, perform all the due diligence before contacting a private lender. Most lenders these days are pretty similar, in terms of being upfront with what is feasible, and just stringing you along. Residential owner occupied loans tend to take longer due to regulatory rules and state disclosures.

If you are a real estate investor a hard money loan is a straightforward loan. If you need a West Coast owner occupied hard money loan contact me. We do supply this funding alternative along with financial products such as conventional commercial real estate loans.