Chicago Rehab Hard Money Loans

 Chicago Rehab Hard Money Loans If you’re looking for a way to get funding for a commercial property acquisition or refinance, our team at Chicago Rehab Loans can help. We are reliable hard money lenders with the capability to offer loans from $50,000 to $2,000,000. Quick turn-around times All credit histories accepted No financials required [...]

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Chicago real estate market shows a rise in prices and home purchase

Chicago real estate market 2018 The rise in the Chicago real estate market continues to drive the demand in the residential market and multi-family developments. This outcome continues to attract buyers to Chicago’s core neighborhoods. 2017 was a year of uncertainty in many economic and political aspects influencing the real estate market. On one hand, [...]

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Midpriced suburbs market tightens

Tight inventory, which has plagued the Chicago and national real estate markets for a few years now, keeps getting tighter in mid priced suburbs. Tightest among them are Glendale Heights, where the supply of homes on the market at the end of February was enough to fuel just 1.4 months of sales, Elk Grove Village [...]

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Market Value And Security For Your Loan

Market Value And Security For Your Loan By Kimberly Hoffman The market value of the Property is critical to your decision to lend your funds or purchase a promissory note because there is a possibility that the only way to recover your investment is through the sale of the Property. Therefore, the market value of [...]

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Hard Money Loans to Rehab and Sell Fast!

Hard Money Loans to Rehab and Sell Fast! By Kimberly Hoffman Hard money loans offer a simple way for those looking to fund, rehab, and place on the market to earn rapid returns.  Typically, hard money loans are used for properties that need minimal repairs and renovation that last only a few months. Hard money [...]

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How To Secure Your Investment

How To Secure Your Investment Your investment is secured by a deed of trust recorded against the title of the borrower’s property (the Property). Unlike deposits in a bank or savings and loan, which are generally insured by a federal agency (such as FDIC) and may usually be withdrawn with limited notice, the promissory note: [...]

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South East End Property Recently Funded for $45,000!

Investor recently funded for $45,000 This was a deal that took almost no time to get approved and funded. When you look at the photos you may wonder, "How did this get funded at all?" It's because of the Investor's experience and their track record with Private Lending Group. Not to mention This property is in [...]

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