Investor Hard Money Loans For Fix and Flips

Investor Hard Money Loans For Fix and Flips Hard money loans are an alternative to traditional lending and can streamline the way to create cash flow and a high-return by using alternative investment strategies.  By way of private investment and  hard money loans,  you how to earn 10% on annual lending investments. Even though housing sales are [...]

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Hard Money Loans to Rehab and Sell Fast!

Hard Money Loans to Rehab and Sell Fast! By Kimberly Hoffman Hard money loans offer a simple way for those looking to fund, rehab, and place on the market to earn rapid returns.  Typically, hard money loans are used for properties that need minimal repairs and renovation that last only a few months. Hard money [...]

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What Are Investment Loans?

What Are Investment Loans? By Kimberly Hoffman Investment loans provide a way to enjoy the potential for market appreciation while building equity each month. In addition, the monthly cash flow from a real estate investment can provide extra income, help pay down debt faster, and begin living life on your own terms. However, unless you have [...]

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Another subprime-like crisis on the horizon?

A recently released study is comparing student loans from for-profit universities to the subprime mortgage loans that had a disastrous impact on the American economy. “A poor performing for-profit college looks and smells a lot like a subprime mortgage originator. They get all the profits but had no skin in the game when things went [...]

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Another Recently Funded Deal in Chicago, IL

 4 Unit cash out refi in Chicago, IL for out of state borrower This borrower actually came to us a while ago and for some reason decided not to work with us at first. Then he re-engaged and decided it was good to work with us on this cash out project on his 4 unit [...]

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Getting a Hard Money Loan So You Can Do More

Why do you need a Hard Money Loan? You have decided it's time to do something different. The J.O.B. is keeping you right there. (Just Over Broke) You have a desire to do better and need a means to a better end. You find that Real Estate Investing is your new medium to that financial [...]

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What is a Hard Money Lender?

Hard Money Lenders What is all this talk about Hard Money? If you are just starting out in the wild world of investment then you have likely heard about hard money lending once or twice with very little explanation of what it is. However, in order for you to fully understand your options [...]

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4 tips on getting a Hard Money Loan

So you want to find Hard Money for your next project? Everyone needs a little help when it comes to investing in real estate and there are a lot of strategies you can use. In essence there’s more than ten ways to gut a water buffalo…wait is that right? Doesn’t matter, when you’re looking for [...]

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