Chicago real estate market shows a rise in prices and home purchase

Chicago real estate market 2018 The rise in the Chicago real estate market continues to drive the demand in the residential market and multi-family developments. This outcome continues to attract buyers to Chicago’s core neighborhoods. 2017 was a year of uncertainty in many economic and political aspects influencing the real estate market. On one hand, [...]

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Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2016

Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2016 Where are the next red-hot places for real estate? we don’t actually have a crystal ball here, but we do have our chief economist, Jonathan Smoke. As part of the 2016 Housing Forecast released on Wednesday, he homed in on the top 10 up-and-coming metropolitan [...]

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Home Renovations That Add Value and a Heftier Tax Bill

Home Renovations That Add Value and a Heftier Tax Bill Homeowners aren’t usually thinking about their future tax bills when they embark on a renovation project. But they’d be smart to at least give them a second thought. That’s because renovations can significantly raise a home’s value, which can increase the amount for which it [...]

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Can These Presidential Candidates’ Home Prices Predict Who’ll Win?

Can Presidential Candidates’ and Home Prices Predict Who’ll Win? By Kimberly Hoffman This year’s presidential hopefuls may all be dreaming of moving into the same digs—you know, the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC—but until that day happens for one lucky winner, plenty are wondering: What are their current homes like? And what correlation, if any, [...]

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Another Recently Funded Deal in Chicago, IL

 4 Unit cash out refi in Chicago, IL for out of state borrower This borrower actually came to us a while ago and for some reason decided not to work with us at first. Then he re-engaged and decided it was good to work with us on this cash out project on his 4 unit [...]

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South East End Property Recently Funded for $45,000!

Investor recently funded for $45,000 This was a deal that took almost no time to get approved and funded. When you look at the photos you may wonder, "How did this get funded at all?" It's because of the Investor's experience and their track record with Private Lending Group. Not to mention This property is in [...]

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Getting a Hard Money Loan So You Can Do More

Why do you need a Hard Money Loan? You have decided it's time to do something different. The J.O.B. is keeping you right there. (Just Over Broke) You have a desire to do better and need a means to a better end. You find that Real Estate Investing is your new medium to that financial [...]

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What is a Hard Money Lender?

Hard Money Lenders What is all this talk about Hard Money? If you are just starting out in the wild world of investment then you have likely heard about hard money lending once or twice with very little explanation of what it is. However, in order for you to fully understand your options [...]

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